Sometimes even the quiet kids annoy you. Because they are too quiet. amirite?

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well, amirite names like "PancakeMixx" annoy me, so we're even.

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@well, amirite names like "PancakeMixx" annoy me, so we're even.

I changed my name cuz I was threatened by some kid and he wouldn't find me thank you though.

I'm the quiet kid..

@PanicAtNeverland I'm the quiet kid.. :'(

so am I, I tell myself I think before I speak :) loud people irritate me sometimes...especially in the morning!

It's only fair, I suppose. The loud kids always annoy us quiet kids.

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It was a joke, calm down.

There is nothing wrong with the quiet kids.

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Well not so much the quiet kids. It's the shy kids that annoy me. A quiet kid choses not to talk while a shy kid can't carry on a conversation.

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D: I'm the shy kid... who like the annoying witty loud kid :D
...Well, this shy kid ain't shy when she goes out :D
I'm ONLY shy at school... maybe cuz I'm the teacher's pet..?

it only kinda sucks if you are supposed to be working as a pair...
you: so.... heh heh........
you:alrighty! lets get started
you. Haha! OK

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oh my gosh yes! and you try to have a conversation and it gets REALLY awkward because you only get like yes or no answers.

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... Sorry for annoying you?

You're all too defensive and I'm not even a loud one. It's like this girl I knew. She was just SO shy you couldn't get a word out of her EVER and she just always did an awkward smile. Just..eh.

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