I don't know about everywhere else but in New England it seems like the Yankees and the Red Sox are the two main baseball teams and the fans take it like it's war, amirite?

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I live in Connecticut so during baseball season it gets crazy. Like half the state likes the red sox and half the state likes the yankees

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I am a formoer Yankee fan now living near oralndo florida, and yes there is indeed life after the yanks and sox. Go Rays!

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I barely know any Yankee fans in Massachusetts because most of them are silent supporters. If you're a vocal fan you'd better not be because you'll probably get your tires slashed. Kind of ridiculous

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College football is worse.

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I live in California but my mom's family is from Boston so we're all sox fans

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My family are die hard yank fans.

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It's like that all over the country.

I've been pretty much everywhere in the country, and I meet a lot more Red Sox fans than Yankees fans. But the ones out of New England aren't die-hard fans; they don't take it too seriously.

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uhh not in california... dodgers and angels..
go dodgers though((:

I'm from Georgia- if you don't like one of the big teams from another state, you are by default a Braves fan, whether you like baseball or not.

I have sidelined that war just for the Sox-Cubs series, but after tonight it's BACK ON.

Let's go, bucco's!

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