Where would this world be with NO bras, amirite?

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Ducks avatar Duck Yeah You Are +27Reply

scary.... think your grandma

in the 70's

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are +9Reply

More happy guys?


anelles avatar anelle Yeah You Are +8Reply
@anelle Jiggly.

haha i was just about to say this =]

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anelles avatar anelle Yeah You Are 0Reply


Anonymous +6Reply

awesome if its a girl your own age, kinda odd, if it's some one older, or related to you

imalwaysright2s avatar imalwaysright2 Yeah You Are +5Reply

That would mean no more push-up bras, which means no more girls with 2 tumors practically on her neck.

Anonymous +5Reply

A little closer to utopia.

Bras weren't invented until the 20th century, so anytime before 1900, I guess.

i bet no doctors would ever need to proscribe prozac to guys again..

Anonymous +1Reply

that'd just kill half the fun of pre-sex undressing =s that's a vital and enjoyable step right there O-o

OuOs avatar OuO Yeah You Are +1Reply


It would be a very jiggly, nip-slip prone world.

Anonymous 0Reply

Well we would have a hell of a lot more babies around here.

We'd all have saggy boobs.

Anonymous 0Reply

painful, saggy, less fake cleavage...c'mon guys, would you really want that?

Anonymous 0Reply


Floppin' around, I suppose.

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