When a guys owns a truck:a normal truck maybe some rims and a body kit at most. When a girl owns a truck: stickers saying stuff like "HER truck" and "silly boys trucks are for kids" with stuff pointing out that its a girl driving. Okay we get it girls drive trucks too nobody ever said they belonged to a certain gender, amirite?

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i'm a 17 year old girl and i drive an all black chevy avalanche. the only sticker on my truck is my dad's sprint car number.

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Yeah, I drive a big scary blue thing. But who cares.

My mom is a 5' Mexican lady......she drives a chevy avalanche with cromed rims and thatbsticker with the kid pissing. You should have seen the faces on my friends the first time she came to school.

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I drive a mini-van...oh wait, I'm a guy.

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