Is it really that hard for girls to admit their fucking hot? amirite?

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Wow. If a girl were to say, "I am SO hot!" She would get many dirty looks and called a bitch.

It's my fucking hot. Nobody elses. :D


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Sometimes I'm cold.

No, it's not hard to admit that, but girls actually think about if they sound like they're self-centered or sound stupid.

I'm lukewarm actually.

The ones who call themselves hot automatically become less hot. Least they do to guys who aren't shallow.

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Because sometimes they think they're not.. and they don't want to seem like a total bitch. It's one thing if someone says "Wow you look really pretty today!" And they go "Really? Thanks!" But it's another if they're just standing there and they go "OMG I am SO. HAWT." <---- like the very definition of SHALLOW.

It really is hard, especially if you're not, and some one says you are, but then other people say you're not.

Girls find their flaws and often focus on them wayyyy more than any outsider would ever notice that flaw. It sucks but it's humbling in some cases.

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Um...it is if it's not true. :/

Actually it is.

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usually it's either because the girl doesn't want to sound like a total self-obsessed bitch, or because she's afraid of saying it and then other people will say "ummm, no you're not"

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is it that hard to fucking use proper grammar?


now go back to 3rd grade, thank you.

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It's my fucking hot, idiot.

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OP is pointing this out for the good looking girls who blatantly call themselves ugly.

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Well... look on the bright side, at least the girl isn't a total self centered bitch haha. I mean some girls do it for attention, they say they're not hot, yet they think that they are, but they are hot? (if that made any sense xD)

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we don't call ourselves hot because were not shallow.

Is it really that hard for you to spell correctly? -_-

Because some girls are actually modest and we do not need to go about talking about how hot we look. It is not polite nor needed.

did anyone else not know how to vote on this because it's sarcasm? do you agree with what the OP is trying to say, or the literal interpretation?

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they're ** not their (:

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