You've attempted to juggle once in your life. amirite?

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Attempted.... AND FAILED :D

@GiraffeBallKicking Attempted.... AND FAILED :D

Same here. I can juggle two, with a whole lotta effort. With three, I look like I'm trying to kill anyone and everyone near me. XD

I can juggle 4 :)

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Juggling 2 balls does not count. Everyone can do that.

On a different note, I'm part of my school's juggling club. But I can only do up to 4 balls, 3 rings, 3 clubs, and a few tricks with each...and I'm the worst one. Our club president is a beast.

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I have attempted.. and succeeded.
I can now juggle like..... 5 different ways.
2 with one hand (2 different ways)
2 with 2 hands (2 different ways)
3 with 2 hands, etc, etc.

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I can juggle two scarves with one hand... >_>


Nigga, I beasted.

hahah ATTEMPTED. not succeeded ;)

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I can juggle, I looked like a fool when I first tried so I got my friend's dad to teach me :)

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In my elementary gym class, we had to attempt learning to juggle. They made us start with one.

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i think op forgot a part in there..."You've attempted to juggle once in your life" and failed.

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I failed :) Someday though, someday i will learn to juggle.

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