Popcorn flavored jelly beans are gross, amirite?

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i love cinnamon and mint, theyre amazing

They're my favourite ones. D:

they're the best kind! and marshmallow.

Popcorn ones are the ONLY jellybeans that I will eat.

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lol bets, MINT!! but i like tangerine too oh and candy floss (btw im out of jellybeans we should go get some today)

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The popcorn ones taste like salt... I LOVE THE DR. PEPPER ONES! :)

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its nasty cuz for me it actually tastes like popcorn

i just cant handle the flavor and not get the texture...

i don't even like popcorn in the first place, so kinda yea... but they don't taste horrendous either.

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I love the popcorn ones. :P

Ugh they are so nasty!

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The popcorn flavour is actually my favourite. And the Dr. Pepper ones :)

Someone finally feels the same way I do!

I LOVE the popcorn flavored ones!! Hot can you say such a horrible thing?!

uhm, where the hell do you buy these types of jellybeans, all i got is the whites, pink,s yellows, purples, reds, and blacks...

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