If Cinderella's slipper fitted perfectly, why did it fall off? amirite?

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Haha, you said fitteed, lol :) Accidents happen

@SelenaGomezfan huh, I wrote fitted

@319785 (SelenaGomezfan): It's supposed to be "fit". That's like saying this: I runned home. You're supposed to say I RAN home. Get it?

Because she was running in heels. But in reality she would've broke her ankle nd turned back into a servant chick in front of everybody.

Well some penises fit some vaginas perfectly, but you still can thrust in and out.... Sorry for the sexual analogy to children, the easily offended, and/or easily offended children.

But it's Disney, love. They have to have a happy ending, or children will be disapointed and parents will be angry.

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i never thought of that...

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Have to admit that never once crossed my mind...

BadAssassin did apologize, love.
Stop making such a big deal of it.

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Like shoes that fit never fall off?!

What I can't understand is that, out of the WHOLE ENTIRE KINGDOM, no one had the same size feet as her. That's ridiculous.

@AngelIllusions Disney movie, love.

I know, but. It's just so inconcievable that he can't recognize her with her hair down and different clothes.

It must have been to attract the attention of Prince Charming... I don't see any other explaination.

Her glass slipper didn't fit perfectly, but the shoe the prince made every girl in the kingdom try on fit her. They're different slippers

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