Why do we paint eggs at Easter? Isn't the easter bunny a bunny? Not a chicken? amirite?

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I think that it's because eggs represent the beginning of life.

It's because the early Christians stole ideas from the ancient Pagans in an attempt to get them to convert. Easter is near an old pagan fertility holiday. To get the pagans to convert they used the fertility symbols (eggs and bunnies) to make it seem similar to the old faith.

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you're right, we should paint bunnies

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Actually, in Santa Claus Land we have the Easter rooster... -_-

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"New life" Easter is about Jesus not your bunny problems

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I know... its called a joke

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I always thought the egg was supposed to be a representative of Jesus' empty tomb (although the egg is not empty) from which he rose on the third day...? Thats what someone told me once but thinking about it I'm not sure it makes too much sense. :P

I know i know... I was just making a joke out of it :S

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In Norway we have both easter bunny and easter chicken!

Why do we have an easter BUNNY? Aren't the eggs made by chickens?

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Ancient Ukrainians worshipped the sun. Birds were holy because they could get closest. Their eggs were painted consequently. Dont know if that's why we do it today

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