Just because you straighten your hair doesn't mean it looks good, amirite?

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I have naturally curly hair...and all my life preppy girls have been trying to get me to straighten it. Straightening it takes well over an hour, and only lasts for a couple of hours. And to me, it looks better curly anyhow.

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I am now self conscious D:

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@I am now self conscious D:

Don't be! I'm sure I'd rather have your hair, whatever yours looks like, rather than my frizzy mess. :)

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I know a girl who loves to straighten but doesn't look good that way at all. Mental image of a wet basset hound each time I see her.

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I have really long hair and when I straighten it it looks really pretty. If i dont it kinda just does whatever it wants

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Hahaha I second that xD

to most girls, straight is the same thing as flat, and flat hair is terrible!

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