I got my husband an XBox 360 and a new surround sound system for his birthday. I considered myself a pretty cool wife. He spends all his free time playing first-person shooter games with his friends online. I now consider myself an XBox widow with issues resulting from post traumatic stress. Amirite?

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Get a vibrator, its the female equivalent of COD

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Sheeesh some of you are a tough crowd who could stand to be reminded that a lot of what's posted here is meant to be FUNNY. Get over yourself and stop taking everything so seriously.

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wtf? Just talk to him about it.

this site isn't fml lady take it somewhere else no one cares

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PTSD is a serious psychological condition resulting from things like being physically or sexually assaulted or being in a warzone. Someone ignoring you is NOT SUFFICIENT to cause PTSD, and writing something like this undermines the suffering of people who legitimately suffer from this condition.

However, it is probably sufficient reason to stop having sex with him and/or get a divorce.

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So play with him.

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