There's not an actual super popular uber bitch, aka the mean girl, in your school that can control everyone like a lot of t.v. and moives show. Amirite?

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yeah, but some places it more like a pack of them instead of just one.

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Sometimes, I wish there was, just so that I can relate when I see these movies and/or TV shows. Instead, we have a dozen shit-stupid girls who think they're more popular/cool than they really are. I don't envy their stupidity.

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my school has a group of them, but there's one that everyone singles out and calls "her" group. a lot of people try to get into the group, because they think it's so amazing.
personally, i'm not a fan.

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Right. There's just a big group of them, going out and getting drunk every weekend/every single day of the summer, and doing skanky things (when they're only 14-15 by the way. )They're also talking to girls who were once nice and innocent, but now they're just mean bitches.
I want to punch every single one in the face with my foot. And if I wouldn't get a 10 day suspension or so, believe me, I would

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At my old school, there was a MASSIVE pack. luckily, only one has followed me to my new school. and she got her ass whooped for trying her normal crap on a very nice but extremely strong girl .

Yeah. This is one stereotype the media fucked up.

there is a bitch at my school just like that.

Well there isn't just one girl like that for my entire school, more like one for each even remotely popular clique of girls.

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