The people who don't have a facebook are almost always really awesome people, amirite?

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Hitler doesn't.

This post is sort of ironic, because to the side, it shows all of the people who are a fan of amirite? on Facebook.

Don't have one (: I would rather lead a real life as opposed to a virtual one. besides, it causes too much drama (:

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Lol, forced into getting one? my friends are always trying to pressure me into it too (:

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i dont. im trying to get a job and i dont want anyone checking it and seeing something stupid and not hiring me.

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I dont have one, and people keep telling me that im weird for not having one. I COULD have one, but i just choose not to.

I do not have a facebook :)

@A_Satanic_Panda neither do I :D

same here. ppl always tell me to get one though, its annoying!

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Hmm. I do have a pretty awesome friend who's not on Facebook, and she seems to get a lot more done than I do.

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Same here. It's just a waste of time.

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aw, thanks :D

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neither do i (:

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I don't!

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i dont have one either :)

Or they have a myspace, which is one million times more annoyingg.

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I wish I never made a facebook from the start, then it wouldn't be so difficult to delete it FOREVER. :/

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@I wish I never made a facebook from the start, then it wouldn't be so difficult to delete it FOREVER. :/

Ahaha same. When I was deactivating mine it was saying, "WHY ARE LEAVING US? WHY?!!?" "ARE YOU POSITIVE ABOUT THIS" "Bob, Steve and Sassefrass will miss you!!"
Ayyaiyai. ^That was an exaggeration, but you get my point.
I could still log in and it would all be there still. Sigh.

facebook is a cult...

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The people that I know that don't have facebooks are always for some reason the popular girls that you would expect to have one.

Nice logic.

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