It's weird that our bodies are made up of so much water and yet we can't breathe underwater, amirite?

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When I think about breathing underwater I go in Little Mermaid mode.


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oops, thanks for pointing that out hahah I'm really tired. XP

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she probably edited it before the three minutes were up.

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She did edit it before the time was up haha:)

It's weird that are bodies are composed, by weight, of 68% oxygen atoms, and yet we can die from a lack of oxygen

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our body is, but its not like our lungs are filled with water. most of the water is up by your brain and your spine. If we could breathe underwater out lungs would be filled with water, and if they fill with water you drown inside yourself, you dont have to be underwater to drown.

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babies don't really breathe the fulid thought just kind of supports us like bubble wrap, like garybutofcourse said babies get the oxygen and nutrients from the umbilical cord

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Its weird to think that you think we should be able to breathe underwater when we don't have gills to draw oxygen out of the water.

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We can breath underwater if we have a snorkel or an oxygen tank.

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Its called SCI-ENCE

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