Me and my girlfriend had a fight today. I was complaining how much she wears slutty clothes and how she should respect herself and then all of a sudden she says "well maybe if your willy wasn't so small I wouldn't have to do that!" First of all my dick is huge. you can ask any girl. Secondly its not about the size of the boat! It's the motion of the ocean amirite?

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Wait, you're yelling at HER for dressing like a slut but then YOU must have showed lots of girls your penis if you can ask ANY girl. Way to be a hypocrite.

you can't churn butter with a tootpick

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size DOES matter. Would you take a sailboat in the ocean, or would you rather go on a cruise??

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Ask any girl? what the hell is wrong with you that's making yourself look stupid - Jeez the world needs less ass holes!

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Sounds like someone is overcompensating by going on the internet saying their dick is huge. Yeah, great! Also, maybe your girlfriend is dressing for herself, not for you. Typical male, it's fun to look at until it's your girl and other guys are lookin at her. Break up with her, learn some tact, and get a life.

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1. You're taking it the wrong way. If other guys look at your girl, it's a compliment that you're awesome for getting her.
2.Size does matter a little. That thing about how girls can get off with two fingers is because the fingers can go forever.
3. This one I agree with you. I don't see how dressing 'like a slut' help with orgasms. but still, let her wear whatever she wants until she askes you to change clothes.

I laughed at the size of the boat/ motion of the ocean part, but I frowned at the ask any girl line. I agree with asdf1234, stop being a hypocrite.

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5 inches is not huge..

No one should have to dress any difrently just because of the size of their partner's dick.

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Does she think that dressing like a slut is going make willy grow bigger? That makes no sense at all.

hey your sound pretty cute. btw that girl sounds like a ho dumpp herr1

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