Without google translator you'd probably fail your second language class's at school, amirite?

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If you legitimately think google translate is an adequate substitution for actually learning the material, you're going to fail.

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If you actually pay attention, you'd be surprised at what you can learn.

*Classes. Apparently you fail at English too. :)

Without Google Translate I would have probably memorized more words and learn the language more effectively.

I dunno. Spanish was pretty easy for me.

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You can only use google translator for homework and projects. In class during tests and quizzes, you have no access to it so you're better off learning the material.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

Of course it's going to be what people think. How difficult a language is is all a matter of opinion. Just because the poll is written in English, doesn't mean everyone who took it learned English as their native tongue, I don't know what makes you assume that. I doubt I'm going to get a page written in Spanish on my search, because I typed my question in English, and if I did, it could just be the same page just translated. Think about it: read read red. I before e except after c and when sounding like a as in neighbor and weigh. And how many other rules, and weird spellings, and words than are spelled the same but pronounced differently/spelled differently pronounced the same and have different meaning? Here's another article for you. http://blog.leximo.org/2009/03/...-to-learn.html What is your native tongue, anyway?

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o.O Yes... that is hard. But that doesn't make English any easier. And I know all languages have different rules. I took Spanish, French, and my friend tried to teach me German.

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Google translator taught me more French than my crazy, French teacher from Russia.

Traducteur Google m'a appris plus de français que mon fou, professeur de français de la Russie.

3 words: <insert language>-English Dictionary

Except half the time google translate is inaccurate. A kid in French 2 class got a zero on his translations homework because google translate gave him words in past tense that we haven't learned yet...

No, en realidad pagan annention en clase, muchas gracias.

Lol jk I totally used Google translate for that, I take french. and yes, I use google translate a bit, but not to pass.

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