You cannot say that music is your life if you can't read it, amirite?

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Some people can't actually play music, but they can still listen to it all the time. So even if you suck at music, it could somehow be your life. I guess. I don't know; I'm a musician so..

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Yes you can. It certainly helps to read music, but if you can read music by ear really well sheetmusic isn't needed.

please clarify...I don't understand.

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People who can't read music can't say it's their life. Like, people will say that music is their life but they can't read sheet music, like telling notes apart. Clearer?

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oooh yes agreed, agreed.

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Well, I meant it more like reading notes and such.

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I love music. Can't read a note, play a note, or really even sing a note. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the mastery of those who can, and music doesn't influence me.

So you can't enjoy a snow cone unless you are a freezer, or enjoy a car ride unless you are a mechanic?

I distinctly disagree.

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