Pregnancy tests should come with condom coupons, amirite?

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Adding insult to injury. I like it.

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@wait whos do u like

The original post. If I had liked yours, I would have replied to it.

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more like condoms should come with pregnancy test coupons. for when it rips

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Not nescersarily- they might be trying for a child.

@tallulah Not nescersarily- they might be trying for a child.

True, but a lot of girls at my school keep having pregnancy scares so it would help them.

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Remind me not to tell you my ideas for a post anymore. You will just use your superior strength to make me let you use it and it will end up on the homepage -.-

watz a condom?

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@watz a condom?

nine-year-olds should not be allowed on this site, amirite?

It would make more sense if Plan B came with condom coupons. XD

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It wouldn't do any good.

or birth control pamphlets

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pregnancy test should come with a condom's appiligy letters

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A little too late

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