Dear assholes, stop spoiling movies for us on this thing, amirite?

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On Wednesdays, they wear pink.

In the Hangover 2...

They get hung over again.

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Snape kills Dumbledore.

@toastytoast Snape kills Dumbledore.

Snape is a fairy princess.

OMG, Bruce Willis was a ghost all along, crap

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Stealing Adrii's Mean Girls spoiler? Shame.

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Fuck Harry Potter.

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Gollum dies.

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The barnacle was so ugly everyone died.

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Can you say troll bait? Although I'm loving these comments, it's like going to tons of movies in a couple minutes!

L dies.

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@Truuninja L dies.


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That dad turns out to be working for the government too.

That black kid from the beginning of the movie shoots and kills Danny in the boys' bathroom.

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Nicole Kidman and her two kids were actually dead.

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Angela was actually a boy and we get to see her PENIS. :D

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She was really insane and killed her mom and sister.

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The titanic sinks

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Blair witch project - you never see the witch, and everybody dies.
The sixth sense - bruce willis is dead the entire film
Signs - They use water to kill the aliens
E.T. - He goes home
Rocky - Rocky loses the fight
Rocky II - Rocky wins the fight
Rocky III - Rocky loses the fight and wins the fight

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Danny is the one that Sandy wants.

Spongebob finds Neptune's crown.

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Rudolf plays with other reindeers in their games

He was insane the whole time.

@Previously_Sane He was insane the whole time.

I refuse to believe that. Waiting for part deux.

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He was in the bathroom with them the whole time.

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in the movie "devil" the old lady is the devil even though she dies halfway through the movie she comes back to life shhhh

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Donnie Darko dies.


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Bourne gets shot and then that cool Moby song starts playing

Danny is the one that Sandy wants.

A girl makes a robe. END OF STORY.

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The bunny is just some guy he didn't know that ran over his girlfriend and donnie shot home in the eye. He dies at the end and the engine was from the past when his mom and sister when on the plane. His meds were just water pills. He can see his future. The girl doesn't remember at the end and he flooded the school. Ps. Don't freak when he unzips his pant in front of his therapist. WHAT'S A FUCKASS!!!!! haha

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Everyone turns out to be the same person, and the little boy is the one who killed the people.
Sammy Jenkins is just a person the protagonist made up to block the memory of killing his own wife.
VIKI is the bad robot.
Evan kills his unborn self to improve everyone else's life.
Max is the head vampire.
Slevin is also an assassin, and he and Goodcat are working together to kill the Boss, the Rabbi and the police officer, because they killed Slevin's parents are the start of the film.
Jet Li and Jet Li fight, Jet Li wins.
Ester is actually an adult.
Judge Doom is a toon, and he killed Eddie Valliant's Brother.
Ozymandias wants to use Dr Manhattan's powers to kill a bunch of people so the countries will stop fighting each other and join to fight him.
Mr Orange is a cop.
Billy and Stu are both the killer.
and Thir13en Ghosts is shit.

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lol @ the fact that I knew the majority of these things already

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