It's impossible to hum with your nose plugged, amirite?

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I wonder how many people try this...

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@I wonder how many people try this...

I was one of those people

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@as was i.

same here

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The air comes out of your nose. As you're trying to hum, the air needs to escape somewhere, so you feel your mouth fill up.

From experience.
like, two seconds ago.


The sound comes out through your nose. If you think you can hum while plugging your nose then you must not be doing it right.

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Yes, it does. Take a mirror, hold it under your nose, and hum.

Unless you're not human and don't breathe, the mirror should get fogged.

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Lol, I just did it and sounded like an idiot. I could do it, but not enough to actually create a tune. XD

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You beat me to it. Lolz.

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Open your mouth! It works :)

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@Open your mouth! It works :)

I think that just passes as singing... But I like your thought =)

@Open your mouth! It works :)

That's just really nasally singing.

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I read this on MLIA a few months ago :/

Mind. Blown

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Wow ya learn something new every day... XD

It's a lot more difficult, and it it sounds funny, AND you have to open your mouth every few seconds, but I managed to hum the opening to Beethoven's 5th with my nose plugged.

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