Guys: When you get into a cold pool, it takes a temporary leap of courage to let your balls go under, amirite?

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I don't have balls, but I could imagine.

Boobs work much the same way. Trust me.

I only disliked 'cause at first I liked it but I was just on a liking spree and then I realized I was a girl and it doesn't apply to me and I felt awkward.

Try having a vagina! Brrrrrrrrr

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@sophieee Try having a vagina! Brrrrrrrrr

yes, they don't know what pain truly is lmaoo

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Burn! hahaha

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oh Lord, why do i even read the posts directed to guys...they just make me cringe...also, are you saying that although it's hard for your balls to go under, your dick is just fine? guess if its small, cold water doesn't really make a difference, eh?

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@No idiot. Balls are more sensitive than dick... :S

The worst part is when your tip hits. After tip, its ok until you hit balls. Then it just sucks all over again.

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