You've always wanted to be in really thick fog, amirite?

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i read this "frog" and was so confused....

@x22 i read this "frog" and was so confused....

Me too! I read it as You've always wanted to be a really thick frog. Then I thought that was weird, so I reread it and it all made sense :P

It'd be awesome, but I'd be creeped out.

Haha yeah I would as long as I don't have to drive in it...:)

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its actually not the coolest thing in the world.....

it would be like walking in a could (:

What about the Dementors????

Haha I was in a fog so thick I could barley see in front of me. It was pretty cool, but even though it wanst raining the air was just... wet. First time I had experienced it coming from Southern California.

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