If you're in high school, you kind of wonder which couples will be the "high school sweethearts" and stay together forever, because most of them seem doomed to fail currently, amirite?

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Does it count if only one was in high school?
Because my teacher started dating his wife when she was in 8th and he was a junior. Their parents told them they couldn't date, so they waited until after they graduated college to see if they still loved each other.
They've been married for 15+ years <3

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I know a couple who have been together for about two years, but I'm pretty sure they'll break up once he finally realizes what a psycho bitch she is.

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know a couple who've been married for 60+ years. they've been childhood sweethearts since grade school.

Me and my fiancé have been together for eight years. We've known each other for fourteen.

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