Girls: No matter what his personal life was like, you thought Michael Jackson was sexy at one point or another in his life, amirite?

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80s Michael was extremely attractive.

PirateQueens avatar PirateQueen Yeah You Are +13Reply

He was... pretty... before that plastic surgery, but I don't find him sexy.

He was so cute in his 'beat it' days. And in his video for 'leave me alone'. Ahh. Yes, at one point in his life he was very attractive. Towards the end.....no.

Chapsticks avatar Chapstick Yeah You Are +9Reply

Michael Jackson in "Don't stop till you get enough".. yep

blaque_aussies avatar blaque_aussie Yeah You Are +2Reply

People who disagree with this obviously have never seen or heard him. Lol

Anonymous 0Reply

dude he had a sexy voice and he was cute for a while, then hot, but he was sexy for his whole life!!!

Anonymous 0Reply
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