Periods often come at the worst times. Girls, amirite?

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yeah i had mine on the day of my cheer competition

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@yeah i had mine on the day of my cheer competition

I've had mine on my band trip. I've also had mine on my trip to Australia. 4 plane flights (about 30 hours) with a period is hell.

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got mine on a plane 50,000 feet up in the air :(

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ya f periods they make girls firkin insane !

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Got mine DURING my cheerleading compettition :( Bloomies and pads don't mix xD

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I wouldn't know.

is there ever a good time

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Like this weekend a concert on a lake... that'll be fun :(

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f*cking yes. i'm in a play where i have to wear all white and my periods due then. fml.

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Lol I. know what you mean

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It's not so fun for us guys either you know

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