Even if you don't like iCarly, you know Gibby is awesome, amirite?

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Aww, I love Gibby and Guppy...Guppy is so cute!

and spencer

Haha, he's my favorite :D
And Guppy

Guppy <3333

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@Guppy <3333

Jesus Christ, you should see a doctor if you have tha many hearts.

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and Guppy!

Posters avatar Poster Yeah You Are +1Reply

guppy is so adorable!!!

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I only like Spencer and Gibby. Carly is annoying. And when I was typing carly, my iPod automatically changed it to Carlyle. Hahaha. Prooves my point: no one likes Carly.

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Yeah, except for that one episode where he's a complete douch and keeps threatening Freddie. Its like, what are you going to do? Smother him in your fat rolls?

meysenburgers avatar meysenburger Yeah You Are +1Reply

gibby is awesome, but guppy is awesomER <3

PartyPoisons avatar PartyPoison Yeah You Are +1Reply

I want a Gibby!!!!

I hate iCarly, but Gibby is what makes it almost worth watching. =]

Deadpools avatar Deadpool Yeah You Are 0Reply

whos guppy?

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I'm the opposite, I like iCarly but I think Gibby is annoying

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Ew no! He's too fat!

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