It's really annoying how parents blame the violence of children on video games. Who was the one allowing their kids to play that game? Even still, Why aren't you teaching your children the consequential differences between reality and fantasy? Amirite?

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:D epic, thanks for understanding the logic most ADULTS today don't have a grip on

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People who blame the media for violence in today's youth are almost bigger morons than the people who blame fast food companies for obesity. ALMOST.

Especially since there haven't been any studies that show that videogames make kids violent

That's like how parents try and ban toys from kid's meals. You don't HAVE to buy your kid fast food.

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i like how little big planet is the game of the year. I llove how its great for kids and teens alike.

This is very true but I do think if you have an impressionable little kid and their dumbass parents let them play rated M games they are going to get some bad ideas from it.

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its like... its rated m for mature... i GUESS you could say your 8 year old is mature

I was at Gamestop, and this kid was playing the newest Grand Theft Auto (this was a few years ago) and he was 8, maybe younger, and his mom bought it for him. Like, what??????

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So wait, you can't randomly disembowel people? Well darn it!

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