How does "I didn't know I was pregnant" have more than one season? For that matter, how does it have more than one EPISODE, amirite?

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I KNOW RIGHT. I'm so tired of all these stupid shows about pregnant girls. Especially Teen Mom. -___- I don't understand why there are so many! I know they're not trying to, but it's obvious that they are glorifying pregnancy by airing this show. Why should teens who do stupid shit get a t.v. show about their life? That's not fair. And WTF MTV? I don't want to see show's about people's life, I want to hear music.

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women, usually fat, and in denial.

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The women aren't always fat. Some actually lost weight when they were pregnant. And they usually had no symptoms or they weren't obvious.

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My dad is an Ob/GYN and he had a women come in who was complaining about abdominal cramps and thought she wasn't having periods because of her birth control. Haha so it actually happens. My dad had to be like " um no you're in labor". Haha.

It has high ratings. High ratings = money.

hav u ever watched the show i didn't know i was pregnant? it's about women who's pregnancy symptoms were not obvious and when they go into labor they're very confused but go to the hospital bcuz of pain and then hav a baby it has more than one episode bcuz the women all hav different stories

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