Everyone pretends they're not home when a Jehova's witness rings your doorbell, amirite?

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and some people are polite and simply say "i'm not intrested. have a good day" and they will leave

they came to my house the other day and i could hear them talking, i was scared

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Everyone treats them like they're some kind of alien species that will infect you with some kind of disease if you're ever to come in contact with them. It's just their religion, and they're trying to teach anyone who's interested. It's not like they're camping out infront of your house until you surrender to them. Chill out. They're people too.

Sometimes I pretend I'm a Swedish maid who can't speak English. I open the door and start screaming gibberish. Then I fall to my knees and burst into tears (if I can at that moment) and they become frightened. I can't wait till they come around again. . .

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