Wishes, Fears, Dreams, Nightmares, Day-dreams, Habits, Disorders, Illness, Culture, Arguements, Laughs, Love, Break-ups, Inside jokes, Birth, Death, Reborn. This all makes us who we are, as an individual. amirite?

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Too long, too shitty.

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there's something dystopically eerie in "we, an individual"

becasue emo ppl are always talkin about how they want to express themselves as individuals

@jesse_james You fail.

No I'm agreeing with bettrthan1. Emo kids are always talking about emotions, and the meaning of life and all that annoying bs.

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Sorry, you lose points for grammer

@Luffy Sorry, you lose points for grammer

You lose points for spelling.

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Yeah... It's called personality.

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