'Traylor' is a pretty name. Amirite?

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Pahahaha poor kid, and his sister can be named Apartment.

Like 'trailer'? It might be kind of pretty if you lived in one...

OOOHHHH! white trash joke.

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@Like 'trailer'? It might be kind of pretty if you lived in one... OOOHHHH! white trash joke.

No, actually, not like 'trailer'. I just like the way it sounds. I like Taylor, but that's too common, so I also like Traylor. Like Traylor Howard from Monk.

Oh my god my neighbors' last name is Park! hahaha they need a kid named Traylor!! hahaha

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It's odd for no real reason. I like weird names that have meaning, not "I think it sounds cool".

Hahahaha, you've got to be kidding me?
That's like calling your child "pile of rubbish"

You're just setting your child up for a life of insults if you ever name them that.

Kinda trashy.....

trailer trash pun for those not catching on(;

I don't know...
The kid could be made fun of
I mean, "trailer park"?
A little risky

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Only if you live in a Traylor Park.

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^Tell that to the people here, hon. Then you will learn that it is not a pretty name. :p

what about Kyler... he won state for the butterfly in Illinois. i swim in the same association as him. [][] KYLE + TYLER [][]

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To think she was totally serious when posting this.....

reminds me of a trailer park... save your kid the grief and don't do it

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WTF my cousin named his kid this. im ashamed to be related to him, but hes always been a little messed up (:

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One of my best friends last name is traylor.


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sounds like a white trash name

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wtf? traylor? really.

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LOL I'M SORRY. Just going through my old posts and realizing what a failure I am.

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