Egyptians: biggest fucking hipsters. Ever. amirite?

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OP was actually complimenting Egyptians. Idiot.

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@OP was actually complimenting Egyptians. Idiot.

Exactly! @343398 (Anonymous): Exactly! Thanks~

"hipster" isn't a bad thing. I wasn't be racist or domineering. "Fucking" is just the intensifier.

Whats a hipster?

Hipster guys are cute. D;

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I agree. :P

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I'm egyptian and I wanna be sure we're not being insulted...
So, what's a hipster???

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Oh hello there, I'm Egyptian too. OP's a freak.
And that's definitely the WORST POST EVER!
Get a life.

3azeeza El Lazeez... 0Reply

Shut up freak, we're not hipsters, we're sort of random and we're just unique.

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You guys are freaks XDDD.
It's a compliment and you guys are acting like it's a huge insult. haha

This doesn't make any sense whatsoever...

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Your both idiots...OP, you are sucha poser it's not even funny, and you...egyptian girl{s}...wallahyy your a 3ar 3aleina...

OP, those aren't even your original words, stop taking other people's words and passing them off as your own, when you know nothing about Egyptian history or anything like that, and you sit around and research 'hipsters' because your trying so hard to be one. (when there is no such thing as a hipster, or an'emo' or a 'magical person' (those people that sit around on weheartit and tumblr))
so really, YOU get a life :)
actually, get an IDENTITY, ((isn't that what being a 'hipster' is all about anyway?)) You ought to know, not that you've come close to even being a good poser haha.

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Lol cool story bro

Worst Post. Ever.

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excuse me but i am egyptian. watch ur damn mouth

Elmos avatar Elmo No Way -6Reply
@Elmo excuse me but i am egyptian. watch ur damn mouth

hahahahahahahaha wow. even if it was a mean comment, what would you do about it?

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