You never actually got an ugly sweater from your grandma, amirite?

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It was "Lost in the mail"

My grandmas don't knit or sew...but they do have the ability to buy me ugly shirts :/ that are way too big.

Well actually, I have a bright blue on in my closet with a cat face on it. I got it about 9 years ago and it still fits for a dress... I wore it for ugly sweater day at school... sorry grandma.

@CheeseIsCool ... cat face? creepy..

Yeah, she meant well by it. I still keep it cus she made it for me, but that one day was the only day I ever wore it.

I never got an ugly sweater from my Grandma... however... I got some awesome ones that she got at the store. hahaha

LOL i thought it was only me who nvr got one phew

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Well mine wins . I got a ..um.. Beautiful sweater from my GREAT-grandma . -_-

Damn. I wish. I'm trying to bring ugly sweaters back in style. Sort of like Bret from flight of the conchords. Haha, all of my clothes are designer, and I wore a periwinkle, huge sweater with cats playing in snow on it, and everyone asked me if I got it at the same place I get my 350 dollar jeans. They all bought it. Society can suck it.

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Ahaha I hav more then a few ugly sweaters in my closet (sorry grandma!) mosta them are more like dresses with sleeves that are just too short XP

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No, but i get one from my great aunt every christmas...

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I love my Grandma, but she made me a scary vest once. (close to a sweater?)

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No, I have never gotten an ugly sweater...but I have gotten booties.

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