It's always really awkward when you're watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on, amirite?

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Holy crap, it was bad enough watching Anchor Man with them with the sex jokes.

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That is, of course, me.

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Try being dragged to the theaters to watch Bruno with the whole family

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Try watching Borat with a girl on your first date!
Yes, that happened to me. Good times were had by all!
(Btw we were planning on watching something else, maybe a James Bond, but it was full).

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I remember watching The Rock when my mom walked in the room right when the guy says "WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP TOUR IS THIS??" Awkward turtle.

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The heartbreak kid was unbearable to watch with my cousin and her husband ! I kept going to the bathroom before the sex scenes came on.

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you people are lucky its not like a porn movie where you see EVERYTHING

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