Those who work in retail: It's kinda nasty when a gross person goes in a fitting room, and when you go to take out the clothes they left in there, they feel warm and you know they've just been touching the gross person's body, amirite?

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1)what kind of lazy asshole leaves the clothes in the fitting room? And 2)please, do grow up... so what if the person's appearance was gross? The clothes aren't dangerous, and you look like an idiot freaking out about it.

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Well first, that's what you do at the particular store I worked at. It was actually policy to not take your clothes back out to the floor when you're done if you don't want them.
Also, goodness, it was a harmless post. I'm not freaking out, it was something that happened to me that day and it was a little gross.

Gee, I love how people love to do this kinda thing.

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