You always want to snoop around and find out what you got before opening a present, but then you are disappointed when there are no surprises on x-mas day, amirite?

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Kinda... I always ask what I want for Christmas and in the last couple of years have witnessed the purchasing of the item (Normally bought on the internet). This year I actually won the auctions and paid for my presents with my own card! My parents gave me the money back though. I'm still excited for Christmas day though, because I am excited to actually use the stuff I'm being given :D

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This is a true statement

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My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas anymore...like we have a party but it's not like we exchange lots of gifts and have a big tree with lights and stuff. I got a Zune HD for Christmas, but I got it on Black Friday so I just got my gift early I guess.

When I was a kid I would always lay under the tree and look at the lights and kind of shake my gifts ^ my parents would always have some kind of trick to fool us when we had presents though :D one time there was a toy wrapped under lots of clothes lol.

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I had a store voucher in a massive box filled with weights once.. LOL.

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i love to guess and see if i was right on christmas

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