What do Muslims say when they're surprised? "Holy shi'ite!", amirite?

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No, we go "Oi!"

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not all Muslims are shi'ite. im a Muslim, but sunni =)

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a joke.

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Usually I say "Oh my goodness!" But I guess that works.

this post makes me laugh. favorite

Actually i just saw holy shit! But that works too:) Im just gonna take it as a joke and not worry too much

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Haha. I'm Muslim and I really do say Holy Shi'ite.

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not really offended but still. its not even Shi'ite. we call it Shia.

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My muslim friend says "OH MY ALLAH!"

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I'm A Muslim, And I Say 'Holy Shit'. I Tend To Curse A Lot =/.

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ur not funny

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