You always have that one friend that think's they are invincible, even though they're one of the dumbest people you know, amirite?

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what does invincibility have to do with intelligence?

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And yet...they're still alive. Most of them.

I have a friend. Kid snorts percocets and is a freshman. One night, me and a couple of buddies were driving around, and we started going crazy because we were doing such awesome shit. He gets out of the car, grabs hold of my arm through the open window, and tells my friend to hit the gas. Later in the night, he got out while we were in this creepy neighborhood at the top of a mountain, where the road ends. At some point, he said "I'm ready to die tonight".

Best part was we almost did. Greatest night of my life.

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Haha, i hope i'm not the only one who found slight irony in this post.
being invincible has nearly nothing to do with being dumb.
did you mean 'intelligent'?

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