"Can you scoop the litterbox?" sigh "yes mom" "and can you speak in a different tone of voice?" "HOLY SHIT I LOVE SCOOPING THE FUCKING LITTERBOX :D", amirite?

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Scooping the litterbox is the shit.

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Whenever The Box is in need of scooping, I avoid my mom as much as possible.

almost cried from laughing this

LMFAO hahahahaha this sooo made my day !!!

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@TheOddOne LMFAO hahahahaha this sooo made my day !!!

I made this just after this happened for like the 50th time this week. as i am typing this, there is a "litter robot" ad next to this post.

"NO MORE SCOOPING! enjoy your freedom!"

juxtaposition FTW

i laughed way too hard at that.

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My grandma totally laughed at this. Rossy Ross is boss.

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lol this made me laugh

I laughed so hard. My life has been crap this last week & it's been the first time I laugh in ages! thanks!! + mom would kill me xD

ahaha, my mom would ground me so quickly if i sassed her like that. but i do hate kitty litter.

@Ross my mom would smack me into total oblivion if i said it hehe

My mom would have a spaz attack and then take a nap.

@Deadpool My mom would have a spaz attack and then take a nap.

My mother would call me a smartass and roll her eyes before making me clean the litter.

Thank you poster :).

Haha I love this post, but my mom would kill me if I ever said that. It is a lot of fun to think about though.

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It'd be kind of weird if my mom told me to scoop the litterbox, considering we don't have a cat...


i don't know why this is so freakin funny

This just made me awkwardly LOL during class >.<

TheSpaceCowboys avatar TheSpaceCowboy Yeah You Are +1Reply

I showed this to my mom and she thought it was hilarious haha.

rossyross= comical genius!

Thank God my family is allergic to cats and we don't have to deal with issues such as litter boxes.

Whenever my mom tells me to do the dishwashers I'm like this.

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Wait, how do I pronounce the last word? Is it "co - lon dee"?

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@Deathbubble ......

According to the last phrase, there's a new world in the English language which is ":D", how do I pronounce it?

These two comments were actually sarcasm and a joke against stupid people who type ":D" when they're actually quoting something they said in real life, they didn't say that in real life, so why type it? It doesn't make any sense.

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