5th graders should not be in your summer SAT class, amirite?

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Unless they're Asian, then they're expected to go since third grade.

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those are pretty cruel parents...

i think a whole class is overrated (sat and act)...i studied twice for the act and got a 32

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As someone who took the SAT in 6th grade, I have to admit it I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious to be glared at by all these high school kids who I probably got a higher score than. But on the other hand, that's just me being my arrogant self, and being surrounded by these nearly legal adults was really intimidating. In retrospect, I'd rather have gotten a private tutor.

ctiscoolers avatar ctiscooler Yeah You Are +2Reply

They're kids, they should have fun. They'll have plenty of time to worry about the SAT later.

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +2Reply

It pisses me off how 10 year olds aren't allowed to have fun anymore.

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There's this 7th grader in my sophomore level class, but it's really annoying because he's not fit for the class. His dad forced him into it.

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