Being a billionaire is kind of pointless, what are you going to spend a billion dollars on? amirite?

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Leave huge tips at cheap diners to freak out the waitstaff. Buy a homeless guy a fully stocked RV, videotape it, and see if you can make it go viral. Set up a charity under an obviously fake name, something like "Ivanna Tinkle," and watch the media have fun with it. Start your own gameshow. Fill a small pool with jello or corn starch and water like you always wanted to do when you were a kid. Hire a bunch of people and prank a small town somehow, like leaving an identical lawn gnome on every doorstep, or organizing a huge impromptu scavenger hunt. Have a ball pit installed in your home. Have a superhero costume custom-made and go bungee jumping in it. Walk into a small store and announce that you want to buy everything in it. Stop people on the street and offer them large sums of money for their clothing. Scatter quarters all over a playground and watch small children have their days made when they find them.
Just think about it. I'm sure you'll find ways to have fun.

a shit load of shit

1 billion Slim Jims.

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Your soul.

Too far?

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Anything and everything you want.

@lien Anything and everything you want.

Not happiness, though..

Or God... that's salvation.

or love.

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@Not happiness, though.. Or God... that's salvation. or love.

I don't know, you name a good price, and I just may suddenly be available for a few hundred thousand years.

@Not happiness, though.. Or God... that's salvation. or love.

1. Kittens.
2. Lot's of bibles if you're in to that sort of thing.
3. Kitte... Er. Puppies.

Go on one of those space-shuttle rides that cost a few thousand dollars for a couple of minutes...
Or clothes and shoes and bags....

I've got it! I'll throw parties and invite all the richest people in the state, in hopes that one day my true love, Daisy Buchanan, (who lives across the lake from me), will one day wander in to my mansion. But I'm scared that something might happen to prevent me from getting with her, like hitting her husband's mistress, Myrtle, with my Rolles Royce or something, and then getting shot by her husband George. Nahh..

I would buy 4,312 Angora rabbits.

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A gold plated monster truck-limo, with built in rocket launchers and hot tub!

If u were maybe charities:))

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Clothes, duh.

broadway tickets.. hehehe

A horse :)

Whatever the fuck I want, I'm a billionaire

I would have a show like Oprah. I would be the host of everyday Christmas; give Lily your wish list. I'd probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt, and adopt a bunch of babies that ain't never had sh...Give away a few mercedez like here lady have this, and last but not least grant somebody their last wish. It's been a few months since I've been single, so you can call my Lily-Claus, minus the ho ho (get it? haha).

College for me. College for my future kid. And depending on what's left, awesome yet ultimately pointless stuff! Oh yeah, and charity... that's nice too :)

I dunno. Batman stuff probably. Yeah, definitely Batman stuff.

A puppy. C:

@Erin A puppy. C:

That's either one expensive puppy or one spoiled puppy.

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A team of asassins to kill Barney?

@Roy A team of asassins to kill Barney?

I feel like stabbing a steak knife in your hand.

@Roy Why?

You were trying way too hard. And no one jokes about Barney in that manner except third graders who think they're bad ass. Besides, Barney's a boss.

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Or, Maybe a genetically enhanced flying purple octopus that shoots.... CHEWING GUM! Eh? Eh?

I want to be a billionaire so frickin' bad. Or in PolarTheBear's case, I want to have good healthcare so frickin bad.

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