If you've ever had an eye infection, you hate the period of time when the puss gets bad enough to glue your eye shut when you sleep and it scares the shit out of you when you wake up because you can't open your eye, amirite?

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i had that when i was 4 and thought i'd went blind!

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the word puss really freaks me out

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reading this made my eyes water... haha..

I totally freaked out when I was little and couldn't open my eyes.

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That happened to me when I was 5! it was only one of my eyes though...

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I've literally glued my eye shut before, so I can see how that would be scary.

One time I fell asleep with my contact lenses in, and in the morning my eyes were crusted shut.

This happened to me when I was like 7. I had no idea what the hell was going on.

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