No one should ever commit suicide, no matter how hard the situation is. Give life a chance. Something good can happen, amirite?

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It's very easy to say things like that when you aren't suicidal. Even people who HAVE been suicidal can often not really understand - depression always seems much easier in retrospect, when you aren't actually living it anymore.

But when you're actually depressed, it feels like it never ends. It feels like even you have a 100% guarantee that in, say, 3 years, ALL your problems would disappear... it isn't worth it. It isn't worth going through this for 3 whole years, no matter what. Sure, something good can happen. But something bad can happen too. Like I said, when you're depressed, it feels like no matter WHAT happens, it just isn't worth the hardship of just getting there, so it doesn't matter if something good will happen.

I'm not saying people SHOULD commit suicide. I'm just saying that reminding them "hey, there's still a slight possibility of something good happening" isn't going to make them say "you're right! I never considered that eventuality!" and cure them of suicidal feelings/depression.

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I find it interesting that this post is in the positives with (currently) only one NW, but if you replaced the word "suicide," with "abortion," this post would be extremely controversial and flamed with arguments over why or why not people think that abortion is a good thing or not.
I'm not giving my opinion (or asking for yours), just noting an interesting thought.

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Just curious, do you feel that this also applies to terminally ill patients?

Suicide means giving up. One should never give up because there's always someone or something that worth living for.

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@Summer Suicide means giving up. One should never give up because there's always someone or something that worth living for.

They're not just "giving up." It's not like life just gets a little too hard for them and they don't feel like living anymore. People who are depressed and suicidal are in a constant state of misery. Don't be so judgmental. You probably have no idea how difficult and painful that is, and neither do I, but you really make light of how painful it must be to live like that by saying that it's simply giving up. To them, it's their only way to escape an otherwise inescapable hell. I'm certainly not advocating suicide, but it's just not as simple as not giving up.

Fuck that, some people just dont want to exist.

Being driven to suicide must be the worst feeling in the world. Much worse than knowing someone else is going to kill you.

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