In your mind, your parents have only had sex when they conceived you and your siblings, no other times, amirite?

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Unfortunately, thin bedroom walls prove otherwise -.-'

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Actually, I was brought by a stork. My parents don't even know what that is and if you tell me otherwise, I'll plug my ears and go, "LALALALALALALALALALAAAA!!!"

And I thought all you gotta do is ask God for a baby and you wake up with one in your tummy... thank you so much, I was innocent until I read this... :P

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my siblings and i were all conceived immaculately
or my parents adopted kids who strategically looked alike and faked 3 pregnancies

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plus maybe ONCE on their wedding night....once.

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when i was little i found my mom's birth control pills... the conversation that followed will haunt me for the rest of my days >.<

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And neither of them enjoyed it.

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are you adopted or are you joking

Yeah, me too. Most horrifying thing ever is to find their used condoms...../tears eyes out

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