The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us, amirite?

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there is intelligent life out there. they're just not stupid enough to come to a planet with chuck norris.

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You read Calvin and Hobbes too, huh?

I don't think there's a word for how hard this made me laugh.


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Correction. They've never tried to contact anyone believable. They always contact that person that no one ever believes. and cows..

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Calvin and Hobbes!

Needs citation.

I love Calvin and Hobbes!!!

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calvin and hobbes rule!!

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Well i believe there is inteligent life out there . cause you have to think god didnt just create us there had to be like "test" and stuff to make such a being who has emotions and needs.

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i read that and i was like CALVIN AND HOBBES!!! but then i thought nah no one else reads those... so thank you random amiriters for knowing About the best comics in the world!

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or it just means there really isnt intelligent life out there

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Well I appreciate this Calvin and Hobbes tidbit. But it is a shame one cannot come up with something on one's own.

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