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No, I did it because I misinterpreted the "for best taste drink by date on cap" thing. I thought it read "for best taste drink by cap".

i actually still do that anytime i have something in a bottle(provided im not in public)

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Yup. And then I'd drop some Sweet Tart mini chewy things in it and make myself a little cocktail. It would fizz and I felt really cool.


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Haha I still do that.

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Haha I used to pretend I was British when I did that and stuck my pinky out when I sipped it and everything lol.

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i still do this... :D

I think mine and this one are pretty similar, but i can see how more than one person would think of this: http://www.amirite.net/129431

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still do. but thank you for reassuring me that my maturity level is par with that of a small child.


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Rotfl, thats hilarious!

i still do that, but i almost always spill it :)

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Hey, kiddie shot glasses =)

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Still do...

Hahaha this post made my day i still do that some times i sipp real slow pretending im an old lady drinking something lol

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no that would be a big pain in the butt.

i posted this once.

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