Your first kiss wasn't in a park on a beautiful spring day, nor under the moonlight. If you think back you weren't really in "love" either, but the moment still felt special to you, amirite?

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It was in the hall of a musical.... And yes I was and still am (married her, in fact)

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well gosh no one's first kiss was during one of those middle school party kissing games?

Mine was sitting in his bed. He had just eaten sour cream and onion chips :(

omgbkys avatar omgbky No Way +1Reply

mine was in a tent, on new years eve, while it was pouring rain outside :)

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Band bus in the middle of Indiana at 10:30 at night. :D

midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are +1Reply

ACTUALLY, it was under the moonlight, in the park. :)
but, i wasn't in love.
way to be a downer to the comments.

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It was under the moonlight.
Very bad memory for me, though. Definitely not love.

mine was under the moonlight, in my pajamas after i dropped a friend off at home lol...ah, i miss that time. summer nights, you know?

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mine was at the end of the day if school and there was like my entire class arond us but noone noticed but me obviously and he wa one of my best friends

taylor47s avatar taylor47 Yeah You Are 0Reply

mine was, in fact, in a park on a beautiful day surrounded by flowers... haha

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First day of kindergarten. On the school bus. :P

AnnieMcManuss avatar AnnieMcManus Yeah You Are 0Reply

Sitting on the couch in my basement right after we finished watching a movie :)

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