It is so entertaining that you can lick someone's elbow and if they don't know that you are going to do it and they don't see you do it, they can't tell and won't notice, amirite?

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If you lick someone's elbow, they don't notice, but i'm never going to try this because if someone turns around and sees me, that would be awkward and hard to explain. it's like, "Ewww, what are you doing!?!" You: "ummmm, I was trying to lick your elbow to see if you would notice" Other person: "What?!?"

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...why? Why would you do that?

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...I don't understand. :/

@TicTacAddict ...I don't understand. :/

I think OP is trying to make us lick people's elbows under the belief that they wouldn't notice.

No seriously, they really won't notice if they don't see you. This became a huge "fad" of sorts at my high school, and then it got banned because people were getting sick.

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I did it to my sister once, and my mom called her at the same time and she turned around, so I got elbowed in the face.

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They WILL notice, and they will look at you like you're a crazy person

I've tested this theory at school...it does work, they didn't even notice until they saw us laughing and demanded an explanation lol. I think you have to get the exact spot though.

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I've tried it on everyone in my family, and my friends did it to me, it never worked, and I was forced to have awkward conversations.

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