Must suck to be a girl, the toilet seat is freezing, amirite?

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Yes. Yes it is.

Darksided_Deaths avatar Darksided_Death Yeah You Are +1Reply

I forgot guys don't shit...

Lexs avatar Lex No Way 0Reply

I pee like 8x as many times as I shit, girls pee sitting down Lex.

DHAs avatar DHA Yeah You Are 0Reply

You will still at some point have to shit while sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat.

Lexs avatar Lex No Way 0Reply

My toilet seat however, is always warm :D _^

Lexs avatar Lex No Way 0Reply

Yep, urrite, especially because our heating has broken.

Say it with me now: EPIC FAIL.

heatherrawriees avatar heatherrawriee Yeah You Are 0Reply
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