It's understandable that airport guards can't only search only arab people, but that doesn't make it ok for them to make me miss my flight because they decide to wand my 89 year old grandma just to prove they aren't stereotypical, amirite?

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This sounds racist. Everyone is capable of being a security threat, not just one group of people. They do random checks, which means random. Not all of the Middle Eastern looking folks plus a few others to make it look like they aren't focusing on one group. If you missed a flight due to the time it took to wand someone, you should have planned ahead better. Everyone who flies should be well aware that you're supposed to get there early so you have enough time to go through all of the security.

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Ever consider giving yourself more time to go through security?

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This has happened to me. I've been screened three times in my life. I'm 18.

But I'm also a ginger, sooo...

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I hate when that happens! I hate all the discrimination in airports and, well, anywhere in America!

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